Several months ago I had an opportunity to visit Paris with my three daughters.  It was an amazing fun trip.  On this visit, we took a side trip to the Magnificent Chateau de Versailles.  The castle where Marie Antoinette  herself resided.  This amazing chateau is beyond words.  I was utterly overcome with the vast opulent decor in this chateau.  My head was spinning with so many ideas and inspirations drawing from every room.  And there were many!  Intricate trims ,crystal chandeliers, rich colored tassels, color tapestries all are indelible in my mind.  You may have recalled my attempt to translate this beautiful place in our ‘Versailles’ tabletop so time ago.  Now after visiting the Chateau, I have more insight and anxiously preparing to design other tabletop soon!  Oh how I would love to put this table in the midst of the grand courtyard!  Enjoy!