May 24, 2010

Green is the quintessential color of spring. Bells of Ireland are usually revered for their long curved stalks, but I’m absolutely smitten with their fluffy tips. The green theme is further accentuated by cymbidium orchids. Orange cherry brandy roses play a fabulous counterpart and intensifies the colors. I just swoon at the sight of their […]

February 15, 2010

If I had to pick a favorite flower, cymbidium orchids would definitely make my top ten. They come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes. And they smell like smarties with a hint of spice. Here is an ode to the cymbidium through the use of green, yellow, and charlie brown orchids. I used ivory […]

December 21, 2009

Though I adore bouquets that have a variety of textures, I also like the simple yet striking effect of just two different flowers. In this case, vibrant red roses are paired with burgundy cymbidium orchids to create a richly colored bouquet that is both clean and ravishing. Having only these flowers shows off their handsome […]