Every little girl grows up dreaming of the day they will meet their Prince Charming.   We have visions of the perfect man sweeping us off our feet, but more importantly we envision the perfect wedding right down to the last flower petal. Yes, the wedding tends to trump the man when it comes to us girls and our fantasies – sorry guys!
We were very excited to decorate this fantasy wedding. The bride, Alexandra, had visions of the perfect pink wedding. When we say pink, we mean she wanted everything pink. Her girly, sparkly, glamour was right up our alley!
The wedding was to be held outside at the Hotel Del Coronado, with the reception to be held in the Grand Ballroom.We designed  a pink ombre walkway that led to the outdoor altar. A long runway covered in shades of pink rose petals. The aisle was lined by tall rose-colored columns that were topped with puffy, rose floral topiaries that were laced in orchids and pink roses.
At the end of the walkway, the bride would meet her soon-to-be husband under a gauzy, ombre-pink canopy where they would exchange their vows. The entire canopy was trimmed with pink and white hues like a crown with its jewels.
Inside the reception of the Grand ballroom, guests were transported into a Never land bathed under the glow of pink lighting, lounge furniture, table linens in pink hues and of course the beautiful custom pink dance floor with their custom monogram.   The chairs and tables were laced in a frilly and glittery pink organza fabric, while elegant crystal candle holders floated pink candles along the center of the table. Down the center aisle of each table sat shorter clusters of pink, lavender and white florals, and floating above each table were massive columns of many shades of pink, white and fuchsia florals – like puffy pink clouds! Falling elegantly down from these floral clouds were hundreds of glittery, pink pearl stands.
Guests danced the night away in this gorgeous round ballroom until the wee hours of the morning.  Congratulations to Alexandra and James
Planning:  Alison Howard Events
Photos: from Bobbi + Mike photography and Sarah Zimmerman photography
Linens: Luxe Linens