We have been anxiously waiting to reveal one of the photo shoots we created for Ceremony Magazine’s 2012 issue. For this table top, we chose one of the top venues in San Diego, the Santaluz Country Club. One of the many things I love aboutĀ SantaluzĀ is the Spanish inspired architecture. Mediterranean tiles accent their ‘old world’ fireplaces and wall. We took this inspiration, combined it with glorious Coral Charm peonies, delicate apricot parrot tulips, splashes of cobalt blue, and our signature touch of white phalaenopsis orchids to create a fresh take on a classic ‘old world’ theme. Traditional white urns were modernized with clusters of vibrant orange roses, white and coral peonies, and orchids. Sleek white boxes filled with geometrically designed groupings of these cheerful blooms were a tribute to Mondrian. Clear glass vases were given a makeover with crystals, embossed leather, and a sexy garland of parrot tulips. We created a floral chandelier made entirely of white phalaenopsis orchids to hover above the table. Now imagine yourself seated on a crisp white Chameleon chair, accented with a playful single peony, while drinking a delicious sangria. Thank you Darin Fong Photography for these amazing images.