Last night we had the honor of participating in the Season Finale of Tough Love Couples Wedding special.  If you missed it, you can watch the full episode HERE. We had a lot of fun designing and provide the flowers for the ceremony as well as the personal flowers and two reception rooms. The wedding of Dennis and Simone, Christina and Mario took place at the beautiful Paradise Point resort in San Diego.  There were many special details for these two weddings.  Dennis and Simone had a peacock inspired wedding while Christina and Mario  had a black, white and gold wedding. The ceremony decor embraced an over-the-top abundance style.  It took 4000 roses to form the thick rose petal path leading to the wedding canopy.  The wedding canopy was adorned with a romantic palette of cream, taupe and camel color roses.  More beautiful images to come soon from the talented Pam Scott.  For now, here some ceremony photos.