The newest Rancho Las Lomas book has just been released and it is truly beautiful.  This is a wonderful collaboration  of spectacular preferred vendors  at this amazing property.  Rancho las Lomas is located in Silverado, just 60 miles north of San Diego.   If you are looking for a unique location with magnificent grounds and manicured garden, this is it!  We are excited to see that our past wedding Thi and Nhat is still beautifully featured in this new book.  It was brilliantly  photographed by Joe and Mirta Barnett of Barnet Photography.  We are so honored and delighted  to be listed in the  Rancho las Lomas perferred vendors book.  Nili Stevens has been hard at work with this project and it has definitely paid off.  She is such a pleasure to work with at this property.  Thank you Nili for including Karen Tran Florals in your 2010 book.