We recently had the opportunity to decorate the amazing ceremony space at the L’Auberge Del Mar,  an upscale seaside resort located in San Diego.  The  view from the ‘Pacific Terrace’ is spectacular!  This space can also host a dinner reception following the ceremony.  Watching the sunset during your wedding dinner.  How romantic is that? Tracy Schwart, the hotel’s romance director is so wonderful to work with.   For more information on weddings at L’Auberge Del Mar contact Kecia Kelly who handles all weddings at the property.
The floral decor for this wedding included a neutral palette of phaleanopsis orchids, hydrangeas and roses.  We lined the center aisle with cylinder vases filled with clear crystal rocks and white phaleanopsis orchids .   I love using planter boxes  at the front entrance.  It creates a great balance especially with the large floral pieces at the front Altar.  The boxes are gracefully filled with hydrangeas and phaleanopsis orchids in the same color palatte.  Photos courtesy of Boyd Harris