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For more than two decades, Karen Tran has been living her dream –helping people get the perfect wedding they dream of. And through this book, Karen shares her story, her experience, and all the knowledge she has learned over the years. With time, she has discovered infinite ways to turn dreams into reality. She has designed spectacular events across the globe, working with diverse clients with different needs and desires.

This book is thus, the essence of her personal and professional passion. Through these pages, Karen takes the reader through the beauty of event designing and planning. From flowers and lighting to venue and ambiance, Karen explains how you can keep everything right according to the theme. The book is a pictorial tour of the whole planning and organizing process. It showcases Karen’s most creative and memorable work, featuring:

• 12 chapters of exquisite themes
• Creative floral arrangement advice
• Indoor and outdoor events

The book is compilation of ideas to inspire creative minds for those who aspire to be a wedding or event designer. Through different themes, Karen hopes to share with readers the art of creating the ideal mood and ambiance appropriate for the event. Whether you are planning your own wedding, looking for ideas that are suitable for your style or a wedding designer looking to revitalize your creative talent. This book is written for you.

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